JAM Summer Course

Monday 22nd to Saturday 27th July 2019


Based at the Jersey Academy of Music, Chateau Vermont, this course is open island-wide to young instrumentalists of Grade 2 level and above, aged 9 to 18.  With our focus on ensemble playing, we will be creating new trios, quartets and quintets and bringing together larger groups to rehearse and perform.

  • Junior Programme:  Children aged 9 to 13 have an exciting and varied programme, with musical mornings and different activities every afternoon including Seafaris and Beach Activities.
  • Senior Programme:  More experienced instrumentalists aged 14 to 18 will participate in a specialised programme of musical tuition, with optional activities and concert opportunities.
  • Visiting Faculty:  In addition to the JAM teaching team, guests from UK specialist music schools including Trinity Laban Music Conservatoire will visit for coaching and masterclasses.  We will once again welcome trombonist Steve Thompson, pianist Hayley Parkes, violinist Damon Flanagan, flautist Abbie Burrows, and cellist Richard Boardman with his wife Justine for Yoga sessions!
  • Jersey Heritage: We are excited to be working together with Jersey Heritage on Friday 26th July 2019 to provide a musical finale to their Creative Castle week at Mont Orgueil. Younger students will have the opportunity to make their own musical instruments, and all students will perform in a ‘moving concert’ with performances taking place all over the castle!  All fully open to the public, should be a great atmosphere at the castle this day.
  • Guest Ensemble:  At the last course we all greatly enjoyed the London Vegetable Orchestra, and this time we wanted to do something different, alternative, and equally whacky and fun! So through contact with a Manchester-based organisation called Street Style Surgery we are going to be bringing over a…..Beatboxing-classical-violinist!  Faz Shah combines beatboxing with playing, incorporating a loop-station and Arabic folk music, and specialises in delivering exciting workshops to get young musicians to really push the boundaries of what’s possible with their instrument and voice.  Really looking forward to this!
  • Concert Platforms:  There will be many concerts during the week, including performing at Georgetown Methodist Church, and the Senior Programme students will also perform to the younger children on the JMS Summer Course during the week.

The course fee is £305 for the full week (9am-6pm Mon-Sat). Residential Option and certain Afternoon Activities are supplementary (click on this link to download our Jersey Academy of Music Summer Course 2019 Itinerary and Application Form which has the full breakdown and itinerary). Contact: info@jerseyacademyofmusic.co.uk, Tel: 720030, http://www.jerseyacademyofmusic.co.uk



Q1. How did you find the week overall?
James Fun, liked the afternoon activities 
Chloe Thought is was brilliant!
Toby/Edward They had a really good time 
Izzie/Lottie Really really fun and it was nice i meet loads of new friends 
Charlie Very fun and creative with lots of things to do. Made lots of new friends!
Anna I thought the week was really fun with a nice mix of music and a little adventure. 
Frances Great fun and I made new friends. 
Q2. Which aspects of the course did you think worked particularly well?
James London Vegetable Orchestra , practice sessions, liked the balance – individual, trio, ensemble 
Chloe The structure of the day – learning in the morning then fun in the afternoon. Particularly enjoyed extra 1 – 1 tuition with Claire but also enjoyed ensembles.
Toby/Edward It was very well organised with s big variety
Izzie/Lottie I like the chamber music (Izzie) When we did the the percussion ensemble – This Old Man (Lottie)
Charlie Group work with different ensembles, so that we got to meet different people.
Anna I really liked the focus on playing chamber music because I find it is quite rare that we get the opportunity to play in such small groups. 
Frances Mixed instrument groups. It was fun to play with different instruments and people I normally wouldn’t get a chance to.
Q3. How did you find the London Vegetable Orchestra element?
James Really enjoyed it, great fun
Chloe Quite good.
Toby/Edward It was great fun 
Izzie/Lottie Extremely fun and got okay with vegetables (both)
Charlie Once-in-a-lifetime fun – learnt to play the carrocourgepper!
Anna  I thought that the London Vegetable orchestra was very fun and something that I never thought I would do! 
Frances  Great fun. 
Q4. How did you find the Visiting Faculty element? (Damon Flanagan – violin, Richard/Justine Boardman – cello/Dalcroze/yoga, Simon Williams – woodwind, Steve Thompson – brass, Hayley Parkes – piano)
James Richard/Justine Dalcroze and yoga to ‘calm you down ‘
Chloe Good.
Izzie/Lottie Damon Flanagan get thumbs up from lottie – Hayley Parkes was v funny and nice – loved improvision work. 
Charlie Helpful for new tips on how to do things in the future with piano. Having the visiting teachers was a good thing. 
Anna I thought that the use of visiting faculty was really exciting as I got other opinions and ideas about how to practice which have motivated me to improve further. 
Frances  Damon was great. I got to play my pieces with piano accompaniment too.
Q5. How did you find the Afternoon Activities (Aquasplash, St Brelade’s Bay, Greve de Lecq)?
James Liked then a lot- fun
Chloe Loved them.
Toby/Edward Good fun
Izzie/Lottie really fun especially lawn games (lottie) like aqua splash as was still making friends then (izzie)
Charlie Amazing. 😀
Anna  I thought that the afternoon activities I got involved in were very good and added a more social element to the course which I really enjoyed.
Frances Really good.
Q6. Any other comments?
James Maybe a bbq together to round it off – especially when weather was so nice – order nice weather for next year too!! Also really enjoyed playing at Georgetown.
Chloe overall enjoyed and really really fun week!  
Toby/Edward Thank you it was a very enjoyable week 
Izzie/Lottie Generally great and would love to do it again. Thank you!
Frances Wish I had be considered as new Year 7 and not as a primary person! I will try and get more friends to come next year!